I get a lot of grief around here for competing in pageants... my fake title appointed to me from Free Beer and Hot Wings is Miss Solar panel if that says anything to you... That said, I still enjoy pageants, I like the people I meet, I like the fashion and outfits I get to wear, and I like the money you get when you win... You know what else, I even bring a bit of rock to the pageant, in interview this year I talked about my crazy love for Nikki Sixx... ;)

I finally scrounged up the money to order the photos from the Miss Galaxy International pageant. I had a fantastic time out in Orlando, Florida and wanted to share the photos from this adventure in my life.

The photos are of Evening Wear, my Interview, Swim Wear, and then each contestant was involved in a fashion show, where you could basically wear what ever you wanted.

PS: I got top 10!! =)