The title of this says it all really, but I love cats! I am like a crazy cat lady except I only own 2 cats as opposed to hundreds. Honestly though if I could own hundreds, I would! The other night I was out at a bar up north with some friends and they had a back yard that was fenced in for smokers. Well in that yard was a beautiful cat! It was orange and adorable!

Now let's picture my state of mind here... I had, had a few beers at this point and a 5 hour energy shot because I thought, "I'm gonna stay up alllllll night!" and I see this cat in the fenced in area while my friend smokes. First I try to go get it and pick it up and the cat wasn't having it. Then I moved on to better tactics. I sat in the snow indian style calling it while all my friends enjoyed the bar. Finally after a good 40 minutes this wonderful little cat came scampering up to me!
I brought it inside and he hung out with me the rest of my night. I tried to convince my friends to let me take him home but no one was having so I got the bar manager to agree to take it in as a bar cat!