It is not every day to get to speak with living history!

On Friday, February 23rd, I was honored and privileged to speak with Madame Vice President Kamala Harris.

As a young Black woman, watching Madame Vice President hold one of the highest offices of power in our government is incredible to watch.

Having a chance to talk with the first Black and female Vice President is a jaw-dropping experience.

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Why Was Vice President Kamala Harris In Grand Rapids?

Vice President Kamala Harris is making city stops on her nationwide “Fight for Reproductive Freedoms” tour.

According to the White House, the goal of this tour is to host events that shed light on the harm caused by abortion bans. At the same, this tour also allows stores to be shared with those who have been impacted.

Even with her busy schedule, Vice President Harris made time to stop at Della Soul Records, her "new favorite place in Grand Rapids."

Vice President Harris even bought a Miles Davis record from Della. You know how much I LOVE Della and her business! I was so excited to see this happen for her.

Listen to the full exclusive interview below.

Exclusive Interview with Vice President Kamala Harris

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