Do you have coulrophobia? A fear of clowns...

You may not want to continue reading this.

If you have a love for clowns or want to have a funny surprise, continue reading.

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Michigan Clown AirBnB

While scrolling on my Instagram feed, my finger stopped swiping and landed on a rather odd post.

It was a post advertising an Airbnb in Michigan that is decorated and dedicated to CLOWNS!

Surprised clown
Minerva Studio/ThinkStock

Now, I am not scared of clowns but sleeping in a room full of their creepy eyes does not sound like I am getting a pleasant night's sleep.

However, I was instantly intrigued.

From the first carousel post, I was hooked! The outside of the Airbnb looks insane! I couldn't believe it.

As I kept investigating, I could see the hallway, which seemed like it was straight out of a clown horror film.


Even the master bedroom is insane!

You would sleep right under a clown head in both the master and second bedrooms!

Imagine sitting on the toilet and seeing this clown staring down at you!


This showerhead is also insane! I cannot imagine showering in this with this huge clown head in the way.

The living room of this Airbnb is also very much on theme. The living room floor looks like the typical clown pants vibe.


At this point, I am still wondering if this is real...

Sadly (but maybe not sadly), I discovered that it is all AI!

AI is getting a little too real for my liking!

Regardless, if this was a real Airbnb would you stay here?

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