It's almost Fat Tuesday!

Or if you are reading this on Fat Tuesday, Happy Fat Tuesday!


Better known as Paczki Day!

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Ever since moving to Michigan, people have been telling me all about the love and appreciation of the Polish donuts.

One person, in particular, has been converting me to the delight for all things Paczki.


If you were like me, you probably have no idea what Paczki are or why they are eaten on Fat Tuesday.

You may not even know how to pronounce them. Well, I am here to help you.

What are paczki?

They are Polish donuts typically made of ingredients that are considered off-limits during Lent.


Butter, sugar, lard, and milk.

They are filled with jellies and creams and dusted in sugar for a decadent dessert or snack.

Why are paczki eaten on Fat Tuesday?

Fat Tuesday or Paczki Day always falls on February 21st.

Taste of Home says that

Most folks are looking to get that last good sugar fix before Lenten fasting begins, however, there is a bit of Polish superstition that might play into this as well.

It is said that if you do not eat paczki on Fat Tuesday, you could get bad luck for the rest of the year!

How do you pronounce paczki?

Joel Carillet/Getty Images/ /ThinkStock/GettyStock
Joel Carillet/Getty Images/ /ThinkStock/GettyStock


According to Webstaurant Store,

Paczki is pronounced as 'pohnch-kee' and spelled with an ogonek on the 'a' in Polish. Keep in mind that paczki is not pronounced or spelled as 'punchkees' as so commonly believed in America. Paczki is the plural form of the word, while the singular form is paczek, which is pronounced 'pohnch-eck'.

So now you better go snag yourself some paczki before tomorrow or you will end up with bad luck.

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