Netflix will be filming a new series in Michigan, and the streaming platform is looking to hire actors from the Great Lakes State.

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According to a recent post on the Michigan Film & Television Group Facebook page, Jewel Of The Nile Productions is casting in Michigan and Los Angeles for the upcoming series.

The name of the series has not yet been announced, but a show description has been released,

This is a psychological Hitchcock thriller. A group of close-knit friends get together for a late-night celebration. The characters are all colorful and some may be flawed and it shows. Even though things started out smooth, bumpy roads are just round the corner.



Actors are wanted for lead and supporting roles. The list of characters and character descriptions are as follows,

  • FRANCHESKA 20’s to 30’s. Caucasian. She is over-indulgent, self absorbed. She corralled this close-knit get-together.
  • TRISHA Teens to 30’s. Caucasian. Loose Canon, a rebel in her own right. Who knows what she will say or do next? Always on the internet.
  • NOZOMI 20’s to late 30’s. Asian Female #2 Incredibly shy until she is finally dared to drink Champagne. She becomes who she wishes she could be.
  • WAYLEY 20’s to 40’s. A boyfriend who goes along with his girlfriend’s prowess. Although he is awkward, he is good-looking.
  • SHANNON 50 to 60’s. The somewhat nosey neighbor.
  • ALEXIS – LEXI 20’s to 40’s. Lexi adds Comic relief to scenes. She should have great comedic timing.
  • WINSTON MALE (CAST) 40’s. Film producer type.
  • RIESE Mid Teens or 18 to play younger. We can all identify with Riese. She is a party girl who wants to grow up too quickly. She learns a good life lesson.
  • SAM 40’s to 60’s. Caucasian. An ambivalent Caucasian male. Sam has conflicting reactions and beliefs which he reveals as the evening grows.
  • RAINBOW 20’s to 40’s. Caucasian. Lesbian rebel. Rainbow is seductive and sometimes dangerous. (She may or may not have tattoos).
  • MOLLY 20’s to 40’s. A dance co-ordinator, and party planner. Has a lot of stories.  A graduate of Julliard.
  • HUI FEN: 20’s to late 30’s. Asian Female #1 Not your typical Asian. Dates outside of her race. Loves a variety of older men.
  • PIA 30’s to 50’s Caucasian female. Pia is married but in a relationship outside of her marriage. Her husband disapproves but is deeply in love with her dark side.
  • LIA (CAST) 20’s. Glam movie star-type.

Where do I submit my casting call information?

If you are interested in any of the above parts, please send the following to ATTN: Margie,

  • Head Shot
  • Resume and Links
  • Include what role you are submitting for

Please note, that actors will be paid, union and non-union may apply.

You can see the original casting call post below.

Break a leg.

Michigan Film & Television Group
Michigan Film & Television Group
Michigan Film & Television Group
Michigan Film & Television Group

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