Jim Carrey Gets Real Weird On GMA
Jim Carrey has always been an odd duck, but it seems the last few years he has somehow gotten even more strange. Good thing Michael Strahan has a cool sense of humor because Jim got a little up close and personal during a recent interview.
Source: ENews
Photos From ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’
This past Thursday, Grand Rapids Actors Theatre opened the doors of Spectrum Theatre for the first performance of "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson."
Opening weekend went great. I didn't forget my lines, I didn't mess up any of the dance numbers. All in all, I am feeling on t…
Big Name Actors in Video Game Commercials…Before They Were Famous
When you are a big name....well....anything, you need to pay your dues. You have to start off somewhere right? I mean, did Christian Bale instantly become Batman? No...he had to do some low budget acting roles before he started to get the big bucks. Sometimes, even express his love for Pac-Man Cerea…