Michigan easily stands out as one of the states recognized for its strong hunting traditions. If you grew up in the state, chances are you either grew up hunting or at least know someone who does.

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A study was conducted not too long ago that ranked counties throughout the U.S. based on the prevalence of firearms in households. We're not talking about the number of residents who own a firearm. We're talking about the county with the highest percentage of homes with a firearm in them.

Of course, we're not only referring to those who own a rifle and head up north once a year to do some hunting. This includes anyone who legally owns a firearm that they keep at home.

What is the Most Heavily-Armed County in Michigan?

According to City-Data, the most heavily-armed county in Michigan is Macomb County.

Macomb County came in at #99 on the list of counties in the United States with the highest percentage of residents who keep firearms around their homes.

It's not all that surprising considering Macomb County is the second biggest county in the state. Macomb County currently has over 875,000 residents. According to the study, 29.9% of the county's residents have a firearm in their home.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that 29.9% of the population of Macomb County owns a firearm. It means that nearly 30% of the population has a gun in their home.

What is the Most Heavily-Armed County in Michigan?

The most heavily armed county in the U.S. is Stewart County, TN.  64% of the residents there have a firearm in the home.

You can see the entire study and breakdown on City-Data.

Michigan's Mandatory Hunting Violation Penalties

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More Michigan Hunting Laws and Regulations You Should Know

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Update: More Animals Added to Michigan's Year-Round Hunting List

The Michigan DNR has added the following animals to the state's year-round hunting list. Land owners may kill these animals on their property with no special permits required.

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