Technically, Michigan drivers put themselves at risk every time that they get behind the wheel of their vehicle but there are some days that are riskier than others.

An insurance company called Assurance recently conducted a study to find the most dangerous days of the week. They looked at specific days of the week and even the most dangerous hours of the day to be on the road.

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Assurance sourced fatal car accident data from the National Highway Traffic Administration and looked at factors like the number of licensed drivers and roadway miles in each state.

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The Most Dangerous Day of the Week to Drive in Michigan

According to Assurance, they analyzed fatal car crash data to determine the most dangerous days for drivers during the week as well as on weekends


In Michigan and 24 other states, the most dangerous day of the week to drive is Thursday. It's unclear what factors contributed to this specific day of the week being more dangerous than others. I suggest being a little extra observant while driving on this particular day.


The study found weekends to be the most dangerous days to drive across all states with Saturday being the most dangerous in Michigan.

Overall, Saturday is the most dangerous day to drive in Michigan.


What is the Most Dangerous Time of Day to Drive in Michigan?

No matter the cause, between 6-7 pm is the most dangerous time to be on the road.

The study also found that August is the most dangerous month to drive in Michigan.

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