Look back in Michigan history to see the highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded on Valentine's Day.

As we all know, Valentine's Day is February 14th, and Michigan weather during this month can be pretty much anything from extremely cold to unseasonably warm and everything in between. You never know what the seasons will hold in Michigan until it happens.

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So let's look back in history and check out record highs and lows throughout the state on Valentine's Day.

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Hottest Valentine's Days in Michigan History

Temperatures range throughout the state, but here is a look at historic warm temperatures throughout Michigan on Valentine's Day.

  • Detroit: 57º in 1943
  • Ann Arbor: 58º in 1938
  • Lansing: 58º in 2023
  • Grand Rapids: 54º in 2023
  • Flint: 56º in 2023

Coldest Valentine's Days in Michigan History

Now let's check out some of the coldest Valentine's Days in the state's history.

Michigan can be pretty extreme when it comes to temperatures in February in general. In Detroit, the high temps reached 70º on both February 11th, 1999 and February 24th, 2017. On the cold side of things, the temperature in Lansing on February 2nd, 1868 reached the all-time record low of -37º.

As for this Valentine's Day 2024, the forecast is currently calling for partly cloudy skies and a high of 40º in Detroit. Flint, Michigan might be a little colder with only a high of 38º for this Wednesday's forecast.

Source: Weather.gov & Extremeweatherwatch.com

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