Where does "up north" really start in Michigan?

Where Does "Up North" Really Begin in Michigan?

This is a topic that has people, particularly Michiganders, widely divided. I feel like this is such a contentious topic because there is such a wide variety of opinions, and no "true" answer. Like, you can't point to a line on the map that says, "Up North Starts Here".

People in the Metro Detroit area might consider someplace in Mid-Michigan to be "up north" because for them, it technically is. However, you ask someone from Mid-Michigan, say Lansing, where "up north" is, and you're going to get a vastly different answer.

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Here's the deal; "up north" can't begin just north of Detroit, but it also can't begin as far north as the Mackinac Bridge and only consider the Upper Peninsula to be "up north". So how do we settle this argument?

How North Do You Have to Go in Michigan to Be "Up North"?

Perhaps we can use this TikTok as a guide?

TikToker @mhuweamens goes into detail and immediately dismantles the arguments that "up north" should begin either just north or Detroit or at the Mackinac Bridge.

He also talks about how you really have to be outside of what's considered "Mid-Michigan" before it can be considered "up north". And he uses the map below as kind of a guide, pointing out that you really need to get into the greener, more forested areas of Michigan before you can even consider yourself "up north".

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

This TikToker declared Standish, Michigan to be the official starting point of "up north" in Michigan.

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But where do YOU think "up north starts"? Let us know with the station app.

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