Michigan is well-known among golfers for being a premier destination for the sport.

In fact, Golf Digest ranks no less than six public golf courses in Michigan among the 100 best in the United States. Northwest Lower Michigan is a veritable golf haven, but there are many other remarkable courses sprinkled throughout the state.

Golfing at Public Courses vs. Private Courses

Public golf courses in Michigan are typically more accessible to the casual golfer. Club rules are usually somewhat more relaxed at public courses than those you'll encounter at private ones.

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For instance, if you're planning to hit the links as a guest of a member at the private Country Club of Detroit, you'd better plan to dress to impress. Jeans and T-shirts aren't going to cut it. Expect some strict rules regarding the use of cell phones as well.

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You want to wear that shirt untucked? A public course is probably the way you want to go. They tend to be more laidback.

Where Are Michigan's Best Public Golf Courses?

The fine folks at Golf Digest have pored through reviews from thousands upon thousands of golfers just like you so that you don't have to do any homework.

It's important to keep in mind that public doesn't always mean affordable to the average Joe.

Photos via Canva
The 18 highest-rated public golf courses in Michigan, according to Golf Digest. Photos via Canva.

Whether you're searching for a challenging new course design, or a unique golfing experience like none other, you're sure to find a public golf course in Michigan that's just right for you.

Michigan's Top-Rated Public Golf Courses

No need to be a member of an exclusive club to enjoy a few rounds at these golf courses! These are the top 18 public golf courses in Michigan, according to Golf Digest.

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