2023 was a costly year for tornado damage in the state of Michigan. Though 18 total tornadoes touched down in the state, some combined strength and location to demonstrate the destructive power these unpredictable storms are capable of. Tornadoes in Michigan saw $87,955,000 in damages, $85,000,000 of which was caused by just two systems. Nationally, this puts Michigan in the top 5 states for most property damage caused by twisters in 2023.

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Before we see where Michigan ranks nationally for tornado damage, here's a brief look at the two cyclones that, for an evening, laid waste to lives, property, and infrastructure.

August 24, 2023: Kent, Ingham, and Livingston Counties Deadly Tornados

Tornadoes Sucked Nearly $90 Million Out of Michigan in 2023

The first of the two deadly storms began forming early in the evening on August 24, 2023. By 6:45 pm, one-inch-sized hail began falling in Grant, Michigan. With the storm gaining strength, it moved east. By 7:03 pm, the storm had knocked down several tree limbs and power lines. The heavy downpour caused a woman, who had two girls as passengers, to hydroplane out of control near Cedar Springs. All three lost their lives in the accident.

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By 7:15 pm, a tornado touched down north of 6 Mile Road, east of Peach Ridge Avenue in Alpine Township. The funnel moved east for roughly nine miles, leaving a trail of uprooted trees, downed powerlines, and millions of dollars in damage to homes before stopping west of Rockford High School. With top wind speeds of 110 miles per hour, the tornado was rated an EF-1.

Tornadoes Sucked Nearly $90 Million Out of Michigan in 2023

August 24, 2023's second tornado brought even higher windspeeds and touched down in very densely populated areas. It started near Williamston, Michigan, and traveled east-northeast, onto I-96 and staying on the highway for around a mile and a half when it turned southeast and crossed M-52 and eventually into Livingston County. It was rated an EF-2, with sustained winds over 111 mph.

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Homes had their roofs ripped off, trees snapped, and two people traveling east on I-96 lost their lives, and three others were injured. Haven of Rest, an assisted living community in Williamston, had to be evacuated after the roof was torn away, and some residents needed to be extracted from the rubble.

Those two tornadoes accounted for nearly all the over $87,000,000 in property damage statewide throughout 2023. Let's look at which states experienced more damage from twisters last year.

Tornados in 2023: States With the Most Property Damage

While states in 'Tornado Alley' may see a higher number of twisters, the number has little to do with total property damage. ConsumerAffairs recently looked at data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Statista to determine how many states tornadoes touched down in each state and compared that to the total estimated property damage in the same time period. Here's a look at Tornadoes in 2023: Ranking the States For Most Property Damage.

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