When the 1940s are mentioned, images and memories of World War 2 are brought to mind. That time in history is not just about the war itself, but a whole frame of mind and living. Young boys were scared to go overseas and fight, but many of them signed up for military service willingly.

Meanwhile, those who were back home made it part of their lives to do something for the war effort; collecting scrap, metal, rubber, paper.....others joined the USO to entertain soldiers on leave...others planted Victory Gardens...Hollywood cranked out patriotic movies right and left...fundraising events were held like parties, socials, and dances...and countless other ways to make everyone comfortable back home all while serving the war effort.

Through that, regular living went on as well. People went through their everyday routines like shopping, going to the movies, going to restaurants and bars, enjoying socializing, etc. Kids went to school, went roller skating, slurped sodas down at the malt shop, read comic books, and listened to the radio.

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In Jackson there was plenty to do. Movie theaters flourished, like the Bon Ton, Capitol, Family, Majestic, Michigan, Regent, and Rex.

Places to eat were - and still are - too numerous to remember...but some were The Brown Hut, Cascades Lunch, Celt's Grill, The Dome, Eldorado Cafe, Fairy Gardens, Mayfair Grill, Regent Cafe, Roseland Inn, Tom's Grill, Woodie's Bar, and countless others.

The gallery below features all photos from Jackson, Michigan during the 1940s...with a major war in progress and nerves frayed, life definitely went on. When you look at these, keep in the back of your head that a big skirmish was being held overseas, of which loved ones may not return from...but back home, life still had to go on – somehow.

And it did.

Jackson, Michigan in the 1940s


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