There seems to be a frequent rumor that pops up every now and then that may be a fact - but there needs to be more evidence instead of just a statement.

Many people have made the remark about a certain well-known actress that used to spend summers at a cottage on Clark Lake. That actress is Irene Ryan, who played “Granny” on The Beverly Hillbillies from 1962-1971.

When looking for more information online, all we get is the exact same quote: “Irene owned and frequently stayed at a summer cottage on Clark Lake in Jackson County, Michigan.” And that's it, that's all, no more, goom-bye.

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How about some more information? There must be someone from down near Clark Lake that can shed more light. One person briefly mentioned just a tad more about this, remarking about an acquaintance of hers who used to entertain the celebrities who came to Clark Lake for a summer vacation – like Irene Ryan and Debbie Reynolds. But that's all she mentioned about it.

This low-key, seldom-known situation could possibly be due to the fact that hardly anyone recognized Irene without her “Granny” makeup. She very likely could have hob-nobbed with many residents in the Irish Hills area without them knowing who she really was.

After The Beverly Hillbillies went off the air, she was offered another TV role similar to “Granny” but before that happened, she passed away in 1973. She had been an extremely heavy smoker which made her co-stars concerned about her health. She had a stroke during a stage performance of Pippin in March and was taken to the hospital. She died one month later, cause of death given as malignant brain tumor and heart disease. Irene was 70 years old.

She had no children to leave her estate to, so it was used to start a foundation for aspiring actors. She was buried in a Woodlawn Cemetery mausoleum in Santa Monica, California..... included on the marker is the name “Granny”.

It would be interesting to find out which Clark Lake cottage was the one Irene stayed in.....and if anyone is still around who remembers her visits.

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