Fans of sports-related video games, especially of the football variety, have been waiting with baited breath for the return of NCAA Football. It's been more than a decade since the last edition of the game was released, and since then a LOT has changed in the landscape of the NCAA and college football.

Now, with new NIL deals in place, it's possible for players to get paid for their likeness in the game, and so, we will likely see the return of this game sometime this year, with the names and faces of ACTUAL players, which could include some from Western Michigan University.

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What is in the NIL Deal from EA Sports with NCAA Football '25

EA Sports has closed a deal with the NCAA, and other legal bodies, that would allow players to opt-in as a usable player in the game, utilizing their Name, Image, and Likeness, for a one-time check of $600, and a copy of the game.

In terms of some current NIL deals in real life that can top millions of dollars, that seems an absurdly low price. But you also should consider, how many players in NCAA football don't have any major NIL deals in real life. This might be the best deal they'll get in their college careers, AND they'll be immortalized in a video game forever.

Then, obviously, some of the bigger names and players will be given some added opportunities for more NIL money that hasn't been specifically disclosed yet. But it does mean, if you play well in real life, and get highly featured in the game, then you might also make more money in real life, too, as a player.

What Teams Will Be in NCAA Football '25

Of course, the Power Five (now Four?) Conference teams will be in - Big Ten, Big XII, SEC, ACC, and what's left of the Pac-12. But also included are some of the other major conferences, that have high probability of making it into the College Football Playoff.

This also includes every team in the MAC - Toledo, Ohio, NIU, Akron, Central Michigan, Ball State, Buffalo, and certainly Western Michigan University. Should some players from Western Michigan opt-in on the NIL deal for the game, then it means you could run a college football campaign as your favorite Broncos Player, right from western Michigan.

Each FBS team will be allowed up to 85 players to be in the game, including some walk-on players, and obviously, more opportunities (and probably more NIL deals) will be offered to the higher-profile players who promote the game on social media, and in commercials. That will likely be players from the Power conferences.

But still, the idea of running a dynasty, with the actual name and likenesses of the entire starting roster, and then some, for Western Michigan on the video game at home, seems pretty cool.

What Is New, and When Will it Come Out?

At the moment, we aren't sure when the release date will be exactly, but we have been told it'll be some time in the summer of 2024. A trailer to officially confirm the game came out in January, following the end of the 2023 season. It seemed to address some recent rumors surround the game being addressed.

Some details we do know, ahead of its release, are that it will reflect the current state of college football affairs. Conference realignments will be taken into affect, the new layout for the College Football Playoff will be considered as well, and there will even be a in-game NIL feature, which might be part of the "added opportunities" referred to for some of the more high-profile players.

And of course, Dynasty mode will also be part of the game again, just like it's predecessor back in 2013, meaning if you do take up the game playing as the WMU Broncos, you could soon build your own dynasty around the Kalamazoo College Campus.

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