There are so many homegrown supermarkets and grocery stores in Michigan that it’s sometimes hard to pick which one is the best. With stores like Hardings, Spartan stores, and Meijer. There is a lot to choose from. But Walmart is also very popular in Michigan, even though it didn’t originate in the state.

Regardless, there are many people who recognize one Michigan department store above the rest, as the Daily Meal recently announced, what they believe to be the best supermarket in Michigan. Here’s how they broke it down.

For this list, we have included brick-and-mortar grocers, local markets, supermarkets, membership-only warehouse clubs, and nationwide department store retailers that have supermarkets within their retail locations. We evaluated these grocery stores using strict criteria: stock (the range of brands and offerings); innovation (delivery, mobile apps, etc.); value; and contribution to the community.


No Surprise, Meijer Topped The List

Meijer, which is headquartered in Grand Rapids and has dozens of locations in Michigan, is known for its fresh produce, broad selection, and pharmacies that offer select free prescriptions. Freshness, friendly service, home delivery, and a robust deli and bakery round out Meijer's offerings.

What Happened To Farmer Jack's?

Are you a fan of Meijer or do you think another Michigan grocery store should have been named the best?

To be honest, as much as I love shopping at Meijer, Farmer Jack's always had great produce and a good vibe. Meijer is breathing easier on this list because if Farmer Jack was still around, he would have plowed his way to the top of this list.

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