A Kalamazoo Teen gets millions of views on TikTok as she fights alleged disability discrimination at Kalamazoo Central High School.

Alyssa a.k.a. @75spiderbathtubs on TikTok currently has 23.3 thousand followers and nearly half a million total video likes.  Alyssa describes her TikTok content as, "Disability discrimination awareness apart from the other videos about animals."  She went viral back in March of 2023 after posting a video addressing the Kalamazoo Public Schools at a school board meeting.

In this video which has been viewed 2.1 million times with 412.2 thousand likes, Alyssa talks about specific instances of her and her support dog experiencing bullying.  She goes on to say the school did nothing to educate students or punish those who bullied her and her dog.

Alyssa shows incredible strength in another video addressing the school board.  This video, also uploaded in March, has been viewed 56.7 thousand times so far.

This heartbreaking video has been viewed 17.2 thousand times.

This is what Alyssa had to say when I asked if there were any updates in her case,

Unfortunately the only update is that Moxi has had to retire from the amount of trauma, the OCR report is s currently pending investigation and is not the only ADA violation complaint open at this time

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