If you've ever worked in customer service you know that, sometimes, your experiences with both customers and coworkers can leave you feeling exhausted and confused.

Those experiences, however, are always incredibly relatable to all of the other customer service professionals. Which is probably why this Mattawan Tiktoker has had so much success on the app.

Heather S. or @biggby.queen on Tiktok, focuses on retail stories. These stories seem to be from personal experience and also through follower submissions:

As you would expect, a lot of these stories involve dealing with rude, unreasonable customers (also called Karens. Sorry to anyone actually named Karen):

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She takes a few stories and tells them through a dramatic lens. Meaning, she creates skits and plays each part in the story. She's even created an entire, continuous series about a group of Walmart workers that dates back nearly a year:

Sprinkled in between her customer service stories and skits, Heather also has other kinds of dramatic skits involving witches, stories about being a mom, and a few life hacks. Like, how to score some exclusive deals from Taco Bell:

Heather has, clearly, found her niche. Combing through her videos, it took a long time to find one that had less than 30,000 views. And, I get it. As someone who used to work in customer service, I will watch a video about a horrible customer every single time.

Her comedic storytelling has landed her nearly 300,000 followers, enough to justify making a merchandise line that is linked on her main profile. If you'd like to see more videos from @biggby.queen, you can find her account here.

We're always accepting nominations for Tiktok Tuesday. If you know someone in the SW Michigan area that has at least 10,000 followers on Tiktok, you can submit them (or yourself) below:

And, as long as Tiktok is still around, we may feature you or someone you know next week for Tiktok Tuesday.

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