If you own an IPhone, you're used to IOS updates that fix issues as well as add new features to the phone. The iOS 17 update is the latest version and includes updates to music, messaging, and browsing. But, there is one feature that law enforcement agencies in Michigan and across the country are warning parents to turn off immediately.

Warning Concerning New IPhone Update

There are several updates included in the IOS 17 update to existing features like FaceTime, voicemail, autocorrect and AirDrop. Plus, the new update includes a CheckIn feature that notifies someone when you've arrived to a particular destination. The update also shared it would add a feature called NameDrop. And that's the feature police want you to be aware of on your own phone and your child's phone.

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What Authorities Want You to Do

The NameDrop feature allows users to quickly share contact information and photos with other nearby iPhones by bringing the two phones close together. You'll see the screens react, and then the other person's info will appear on your screen. You can choose between only receiving their information or also sharing yours. The feature automatically is turned "On" when a user updates their phone and law enforcement agencies are urging parents to turn the app "off" before allowing their children to use the phone.

How To Turn Off This Feature

While you do have to be very close to another IPhone for the NameDrop feature to work, but here are the steps to turn the feature off:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap AirDrop
  • Toggle Bringing Devices Together to off

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