A new bill introduced could allow students at Michigan schools the opportunity to earn credit through gun safety courses. If the bill is passed into law, firearms safety courses could be available to students in grades 6-12th. But, what exactly will the courses teach students and how will they earn credit?

What is the Gun Safety Course?

According to WDIV, Michigan State Senator Jon Bumstead (R- North Muskegon) introduced Senate Bill 664 with the backing of the Michigan Department of Education and the Department of Natural Resources. It’s also supported by the Michigan United Conservation Club. The legislation would allow a school to recreate an opt in physical education class that would include education about gun safety and proper hunting skills.

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What is taught in the Gun Safety Course?

Students would learn the proper usage and handling, safe cleaning and maintenance of different firearms, and safe hunting practices. The legislation would not allow firearms or ammunition into a school, and the course would have to be taught by a certified hunter instructor. Students who complete the course will also get Hunter Safety Education credit. According to WDIV, Bumstead says the legislation, if it becomes law, would encourage youth to become involved in hunting:

“My office and I have worked very hard to ensure that both MDE and DNR approved of this language and support this effort. If schools choose to implement this instruction, it will offer kids a wonderful opportunity to learn more about hunting and Michigan’s outdoors. I hope these classes would be especially valuable to students who might not grow up in families with hunting traditions.”

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