Things are looking up for the Detroit Lions in every conceivable way, first and foremost at the quarterback position. While Jared Goff, at the time of this writing, still has to sign an extension to ensure his time in Detroit continues - which is the full expectation - the future looks bright with No. 16 under center in the Motor City.

He's already top five in yards and touchdowns in franchise history and has the highest completion percentage of any Lion to ever throw more than 50 passes. That last bit is actually what inspired me to write this piece of offseason content. It turns out, there are some low bars to clear in the Lions' passing history.

After all, the franchise hasn't seen much luck at the position outside of Bobby Layne, Matthew Stafford and Goff.

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I was curious who the consensus worst quarterback of all time in Detroit would be, hoping everyone wouldn't name the same quarterback. Unfortunately, my assumptions were correct - apparently, it doesn't get worse in Detroit than Joey Harrington.

But I didn't want to pin everything on Harrington - this franchise has had some horrendous players under center throughout the years. It seemed if anyone was throwing the ball in a Lions uniform and his name wasn't Layne, Stafford or Goff - bad things were bound to happen.

That's why the gallery below isn't restricted to quarterbacks alone. In the early days of the NFL, running backs would often throw the ball. Then of course there are the fake punts that go wrong. I even saw an offensive tackle who threw a pass for the Lions at one point.

In many ways, these are by far the worst passers, regardless of position, in the history of the Detroit Lions.

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Keep in mind that these stats only reflect their careers with the Lions.

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