Southwest Michigan is showing its strength following the string of tornados that swept through the area on May 7.

These types of events are never easy to go through. As someone who grew up in the South where tornados are a constant threat, it takes a community to recover. It's incredible to see the empathy for those affected by the storm come together and move past the event.

Of course, those who run toward the damage to help those directly affected have a tough job and need just as much support themselves. Many first responders have been working tirelessly for hours to lend a helping hand.

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As of Wednesday morning, 23,000 people in Southwest Michigan were without power and reportedly 176 homes in Kalamazoo County were destroyed.

Social media is filled with individuals and businesses alike who are looking to help their neighbors and first responders. We wanted to take a minute to highlight those businesses.

Latitude 42 Brewing Company, a Portage brewery is offering up a safe space, wifi and a meal to first responders and those who have homes or businesses destroyed by the storm.

The Catholic Charities Diocese of Kalamazoo also has several programs that can provide several types of assistance. Even if you aren't sure of what help you need, give them a call at 269-381-9800 and they can direct you to the program that can assist you.

Kalamazoo First, Kalamazoo First Assembly of God and Radiant Church are all available for those who need shelter. For more information on these locations and others the Red Cross may be partnering with, call 211 or 800-733-2767.

One Well Brewing in Kalamazoo is also offering space, power and internet. Their regular beer and food service will start at 3 pm.

Apex Outdoor Solutions is available for storm cleanup.

You can help our family of Southwest Michigan radio stations inform you on more businesses that are assisting in any capacity. Submit information for anyone who needs assistance or businesses that are providing assistance at this link.

Tornado Damage in Southwest Michigan on May 7th, 2024

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