Michigan football fans might watch Super Bowl LVIII with a bitter taste in their mouth after the Detroit Lions fell just short of reaching the game for the first time. But there is one way to lighten up a bit when the game kicks off.

Michigan-born players have been rather successful in the Super Bowl. Of course, the effort to count the number of players born in the state that have played in the Big Game is a monumental task that I can't undertake for one sentence in this article. But, the number is likely pretty big. After all, nearly 800 players born in the Mitten State have reached the NFL. Surely a significant portion of them have reached the Super Bowl.

Regardless, there have been a handful of players born in the state to shine on the biggest stage in sports, helping to spurn their team to victory.

Now, to be clear, we are only pointing out Michigan-born players. Players who played collegiately for the Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans or any other program in the state but were not born here will not be highlighted.

Sorry Tom Brady and Desmond Howard fans.

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Because of that, no Michigan-born player has ever won Super Bowl MVP. Neither has a Michigan-born quarterback started, finished and won a Super Bowl. Fun fact, though, Super Bowl V between the Baltimore Colts and Dallas Cowboys did have two Michigan-born quarterbacks take snaps. Craig Morton was the starter for the Cowboys while Earl Morrall attempted more passes than Johnny Unitas for the Colts. Morrall wasn't the starter though, and Morton lost the game, so the fact remains.

Below is a list of the players born in Michigan, whose performances helped give their teams the extra boost to lift the Lombardi Trophy and win the Super Bowl.

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