The 2024 NFL Draft is taking place in the Motor City this year.

When the NFL announced the draft would take place in Detroit, many likely believed at the time that the Lions would be picking rather early in the first round, as they often do.

The Detroit Lions will be making their first pick at No. 30 overall, which is the latest the Lions have made their first selection since 1993 when the Lions picked No. 33 overall after not having a first-round pick.

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Last year the Lions had a fantastic draft class. Their two first-round picks, RB Jahmyr Gibbs and LB Jack Campbell, look like cornerstone pieces while second-round pick TE Sam LaPorta looks like a star in the making after posting one of the best rookie seasons for a tight end ever. Defensive back Brian Branch, who snagged a pick-six on Patrick Mahomes in his first NFL game, is pretty good too.

In another ironic twist of fate, despite winning the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship and sending a record 18 players to the NFL Combine, the Michigan Wolverines may only have one first-round selection, quarterback JJ McCarthy. He wasn't born in Michigan, so even if he is a top-5 pick as expected, he wouldn't crack the list below.

So, as we approach the NFL's annual selection extravaganza, what better time to look back on the names that were made in Michigan that made it to the NFL?

The names below are the 10 highest-drafted players who were born in the Mitten State. That's not to say all of these players were Wolverines or Spartans. In fact, there's a Buckeye in this list. Only half played their college ball in either Ann Arbor or East Lansing, as a matter of fact.

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