Little darling, we're less than a month into winter and it's already seems long, cold and lonely.

Saturday Should Be Our First Sunny Day In A Month

The National Weather Service is calling for a mostly sunny day on Saturday, which is a good thing, because the last full, sunny day was over a month ago, and so far in 2023 we've had five minutes of sun. That was Wednesday afternoon.

These dark, cold, lonely facts about this winter were posted on Facebook by the National Weather Service this morning, along with the good news that the sun is coming Saturday AND Sunday.

I don't know how to handle that. I've grown that accustom to darkness.

Five Things To Do On A Sunny, Winter West Michigan Day

I know it's confounding, but a sunny day in early winter is a beautiful thing, so let's get out and enjoy it.

Here are some things you can do to take advantage of the brief respite from darkness:

1. Go skiing. Sure, the snow SEEMS gone, but the colder nights have made snow making go into overdrive at Cannonsburg Ski Resort. It's also a short drive to other northern ski spots like Caberfae and Crystal Mountain.


2. Go hiking. Hiking in the winter time is a great experience, but especially when it's sunny. You don't have to go on an hours' long nature hike designed to kick your butt. A casual, fun hike where you just meander wherever you will is perfect.

3. Take In The Opening Weekend Of 'World Of Winter'. The Midwest's biggest winter festival kicks off all over town today, with public art displays, ice sculptures and shows throughout the city. Here's a quick guide.

4. Take A Road Trip. The roads are snow free and you can go anywhere this weekend within a few hour drive. Is there a place that you’ve wanted to go, but that you didn’t feel like going to because you didn’t want to scrape off your car? Utilize the sunny days by going to that place that you want to go to! Maybe it’s Ann Arbor, Chicago, Traverse City or whatever. Go!

Adam Bixby via Unsplash
Adam Bixby via Unsplash

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