The steep and largely neglected stairs cut into a hillside where Newberry Street meets Division in Grand Rapids is one of the most intriguing areas of the city filled with urban legends.

Locals who grew up knowing of the Newberry Stairs likely drive by on Division without giving them a second glance or thought. Those unfamiliar with Grand Rapids are instantly drawn to the steep, forgotten infrastructure.

Photos of the stairway were shared recently to the Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in Michigan Facebook group.

newberry stairs winter
Google Maps Street View

The stairs connect Lookout Park with the narrow few blocks of land between the hillside and Grand River.

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Those who are familiar with the stairs had great stories and legends to share with the statewide audience who saw the post.

They are on division before you get downtown they head up to a city park that's known as dead man's hill because it's a great view to the whole city and plenty of people have sled down it and got injured

My great aunt and uncle used to live in a house on the top of the hill. And basically people that lived on the top of the hill would use the stairs to get down to division which is where they could catch buses etc. back in the day.

I remember when you could actually walk the stairs, they were not the greatest shape but at least walkable.

The next block south is Fairbanks Street and a similar staircase that has been restored and is in use. Like the Rocky Stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the staircase is a favorite of those looking for a real heart-pumping workout.

fairbanks stairs grand rapids
Google Maps Street View

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