The Detroit Lions are having the kind of season fans have dreamed of for decades. The team finished tied for the most wins ever for the franchise and will be hosting the first ever playoff game at Ford Field.

But there's another feat the team has accomplished this season and to do it they needed a little help from the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills.

Those three cities, Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo, are all situated on (or near, ahem Detroit and Niagara Rivers) Lake Erie.

The Lake Erie franchises have been, um, inconsistent at best. While each city's teams have had pockets of success - most notably the Buffalo Bills four straight Super Bowl appearances and the recent run by the Bills with four consecutive AFC East titles - all three have never been successful at the same time.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Until now.

The NFL Lake Erie Teams

When the 2024 playoffs begin, it will be the first time ever that all three of the Lake Erie Teams - Buffalo, Detroit and Cleveland - have ever been in it together.

The feat was pointed out by the NFL Memes Facebook page from Total Pro Sports.

Here's what fans across the NFL say about the Lake Erie playoff success:

Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills
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I love to see new teams in the playoffs!! It’s been the same group for too long!!!

Rust Belt represent!

I would love it to be any of these 3 teams to make it. Wanna see it mixed up this year

Well that could make for some interesting weather!!

And that final point is the kicker - and Detroit could add to that bad weather fun if they had chosen an outdoor stadium like the Browns and Bills have.

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