Drive across Michigan and you see something so often you never get it a second thought - like highway signs. We use them to guide us in our travels. Have you realized that they are almost always green? There's a genius reason behind it.

Some road signs are blue to call attention to services and brown for parks and attractions but for general travel it's always green and white text on green.

The Arizona Department of Transportation shared the concept behind green highway signs on social media recently. These standards are set across the nation.

For one thing, green is considered a “cool” color. It’s not distracting and generally won’t surprise the driver upon seeing it. It blends in enough to be considered part of the scenery, but sticks out enough to notice when you need it.
The white typeface on those green signs is the perfect contrast for night driving. In fact, that color combination actually makes the letters appear larger and easier to read.

That green color scheme is in play on any level of highway. Like it's along a major interstate like I-94 shown above. Or in a small town far away from an interstate like at the Portage Lift Bridge between Houghton and Hancock

Portage Lift Bridge, Houghton, Michigan
Eric Meier/TSM

So look and notice those green signs as you travel around. And keep an eye out for these roadside sights - they're worth finding around the state.

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