An image posted to social media created a discontented rumble from those who have seen it. It's an image of someone who slung a hammock in the Joe Lewis 'Fist' monument in Detroit.

Officially the sculpture is called 'A Monument to Joe Lewis' and features the prizefighters extended arm and fist. The arm is suspended from support posts and it's those posts the napper used to sling his hammock and nap it out downtown.


The heavyweight champ of napping
byu/sixwaystop313 inDetroit

The reaction was swift and overwhelmingly negative.

Nope. That's not right.

This is gross. Very disrespectful. I need the photos of Detroiters kindly making him take his hammock and go.

Looks like a guy from the suburbs trying to "play 'city'"

Maybe you can ride on the spirit of detroits shoulders next.

The Monument to Joe Lewis was a gift from, surprisingly, Sports Illustrated to the city and the Detroit Institute of Arts to commemorate that museum's centennial in 1985. The monument sits along Jefferson where Woodward Avenue spills into Hart Plaza.

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Wikipedia provides a succinct summation behind the meaning of the sculpture

It represents the power of his punch both inside and outside the ring. Because of Louis' efforts to fight Jim Crow laws, the fist was symbolically intended as a statement against racism. [The artist] referred to the sculpture as a "battering ram". It is claimed to be an historical metaphor, even down to its placement (pointing toward Canada).

So, to the heavyweight campion of napping: next time, just don't.

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