Michigan schools have a well-earned reputation, mainly built in East Lansing, for wild celebrations after major sports wins.

If a car didn't get overturned and a couch didn't get lit on fire, did the team even play?

So with the University of Michigan winning the 2024 National Championship Game, how did things fare in Ann Arbor? An intrepid photographer Nic Antaya braved the crowd and captured the scene for Getty Images.

See inside Cantina and the Little Brown Jug as well as along University Avenue. From the photos below, it looks like the biggest casualty is a street sign - so a little work this morning for the Ann Arbor Department of Public Works.

MLive also sent a videographer into the reveling. They capture fans climbing trees and light poles as well as a fire in the street with fans singing 'Mr. Brightside.'

Detroit's WXYZ-TV had a reporter doing a liveshot and was so swarmed by the Wolverine faithful, he wasn't even sure if he was actually on the air or not.

Just don't ask these fans if the 2024 season and the National Championship victory is tainted.

Life in Ann Arbor went on. Tuesday morning the sun came up. Staff reported to the U of M Medical Centers and for Wolverine Nation all was right with the world - until they learn whether head coach Jim Harbaugh will fulfill the rumors that have been swirling for months about his interest in jumping to the NFL. We hear Southern California is nice this time of year - or any time of year.

See how Ann Arbor Celebrated the 2024 National Championship for the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan closed out the 2023 college football season undefeated and national champions. Michigan universities, ahem Michigan State, have something of a reputation for wild celebrations after sports wins. So how did things go in Ann Arbor on January 8, 2024? Take a look.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

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