Michigan is home to so many awesome breweries that serve up award-winning beer that people from all across America love. One of those breweries is located in Kalamazoo at a place called Bell's Brewery

They're known for many incredible beers but the most iconic one has to be Oberon.

If you've never been fortunate to have this sweet liquid touch your lips and have no clue about Oberon here's what you need to know.

What Is Oberon Beer?

Bell's Brewery/YouTube
Bell's Brewery/YouTube

I would describe Oberon as a tasty, smooth beer that's perfect for summertime.

But the people who make it at Bell's Brewery describe Oberon as:

"Citrusy, easy drinking and refreshing, and sunshine in a glass"


I would agree with that description.

When Is Oberon Day 2024?

Get ready for a day of fun and good times.

Oberon Day 2024 will take place on Monday, March 25th.

There's no cost to attend Oberon Day, but you do have to be 21+ so don't forget your ID.

There's free parking on the corner of Pitcher Street and Michigan Ave. You can also park for free in their lot off Porter Street which is north of the Eccentric Café.

Kaitlin Rose & The Band of Thorns will be playing

There will also be a DJ later in the afternoon playing into the evening.

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You can get more information about Oberon Day 2024 by clicking here

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