You might have heard that Steamboat Willie, the iconic 1928 animated short film featuring the first appearance of Mickey Mouse, has entered the public domain in the United States.

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That means that the earliest version of Mickey Mouse as depicted in Steamboat Willie is now free to use.

One Michigan brewery is making a beer inspired by Steamboat Willie.

Michigan Brewery Set To Debut A Steamboat Willie Beer

Midland Brewing Company shared on social media that they plan on releasing a Steamboat Willie Beer in February.

Midland Brewing Company Award-Winning Beer

Not sure if Steamboat Willie Beer will win any awards or not but Midland Brewing Company already has a few to be proud of.

Midland Brewing Company
Midland Brewing Company

World Expo of Beer

  • Dublin Street Stout – Silver Medal, 2017
  • Midland Pale Ale – Gold Medal, 2013; Silver Medal, 2012; Gold Medal and runner-up for Best in Show, 2011
  • Three Mile Marker Hefeweizen – Gold Medal, 2018; Bronze Medal, 2013
  • Isle Royale Cream Ale – Bronze Medal, 2018
  • Silver Jack Driscoll Russian Imperial Stout – Bronze Medal, 2018
Midland Brewing Company
Midland Brewing Company

Great American Beer Festival

  • One Night in Bangkok Smoothie IPA – Silver Medal, 2019 – Herb & Spice Category
Midland Brewing Company
Midland Brewing Company

Midland Brewing Company also serves up some tasty-looking food.

Midland Brewing Company
Midland Brewing CompanyYo

I would love to get my hands on that giant pretzel.

Wanna check out Midland Brewing Company?

They are located at 5011 N Saginaw Rd in Midland.

You can also get more information on their website.

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