Grand Rapids Griffins Fans who attended the game on Friday night at the Van Andel Arena witnessed an amazing comeback.

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The Griffins were trailing against the Cleveland Monsters who are the AHL affiliate for the Columbus Blue Jackets 2-0 at the start of the 3rd period.

With 30 seconds left in the 3rd period, the Griffins tied the game at 2-2 giving the team a chance to win in Overtime.

Unfortunaly what happened next cost the Griffins the game.

Grand Rapids Griffins Fans Cause Penalty That Cost Team The Game

After the game was tied up multiple fans in the crowd tossed soft rubber pucks which were for Throw-For-Dough.

The promotion happens after the game ends and allows fans to throw pucks on the ice at a target, for a chance to win prizes.

This is not from the Griffins game but shows what Throw-For-Dough looks like.

With all the rubber pucks on the ice, the referee called a Delay of game penalty which left the griffins down a player to start out overtime.

What Is A Delay of Game Penalty In Hockey

In hockey, delay of game refers to a penalty called when a player intentionally stalls or causes a stoppage in play, resulting in a delay in the game.

some delay of game examples include:

  •  A player purposefully shoots the puck out of play and over the glass.
  • The goaltender freezing the puck unnecessarily to halt play.
  • A player intentionally knocking the net off its moorings to cause a stoppage

The delay of game penalty helped the Clevland Monsters score a power-play goal 46 seconds into overtime giving them a 3-2 win.

Griffins Head Coach Dan Watson Commented On The Fan Penalty

After the game, Grand Rapids Griffins head coach Dan Watson said:

 “Tough way to lose a game, you build momentum and get a tie game...just to have it stop like that is pretty tough. Choices that were made...kind of cost us.”


Grand Rapid Griffins Issue Statement After The Game

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