Grand Rapids Brewing Company, a brewery that has existed in various locations for over 130 years, has announced that its downtown Grand Rapids location will not be reopening.

GRBC was forced to close its doors to the public in February when a fire heavily damaged the HVAC and kitchen of the restaurant located at 1 Ionia Ave. SW. And Friday morning the restaurant announced that, while GRBC may pop up again somewhere else, it will not reopen the current location.

The History of Grand Rapids Brewing Company

Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media
Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media

Many would argue that Grand Rapids becoming Beer City, USA began with the formation of Grand Rapids Brewing Company back in 1893. To fight back against bigger national brewers who were taking over the beer scene, six local breweries in Grand Rapids came together and opened GRBC.

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The brewery was forced to cease production in 1920 due to Prohibition. When Prohibition ended, GRBC moved out of town.

The brewery made its return to Downtown Grand Rapids in 2012.

Why is Grand Rapids Brewing Company Closing?

Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media
Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media

To be honest, the reason is unclear. In a release posted on their website, Ned Lidvall, CEO of Project BarFly, the parent company of GRBC said,

Downtown Grand Rapids has been our cherished home, where each pint represented craftsmanship, community, and resilience. Let’s raise a final toast to the memories and friendships made. To our team and the city of Grand Rapids, thank you for being part of our journey.

This doesn't mean that it's the end for Grand Rapids Brewing Company, however. On Facebook, the brewery said,

We hold onto hope for a future where Grand Rapids Brewing Company may once again call Grand Rapids home. For now, though, 1 Ionia Ave SW bids us farewell.

What Will Become of 1 Ionia Ave. SW in Downtown Grand Rapids?

1 Ionia Ave. SW has been home to many bars and restaurants over the years. Conveniently located at the corner of Ionia Ave. and Fulton St. and right next to Van Andel Arena, it's a prime spot.

For now, the future of 1 Ionia Ave. is uncertain, but the lease for the space will become available in May. GRBC said, "We're excited to witness ongoing growth, not just for Beer City, USA, but specifically in the Heartside neighborhood."

If you have any questions about the closing or anything else related to GRBC, you're asked to email

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