I was scrolling social media today and came across this crazy video of a drive-thru argument that happened back in 2020.

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While watching the video I noticed the McDonald's employees were wearing shirts that had the state of Michigan on them which piqued my interest.

Did this crazy incident happen in Michigan? Turns out it did!

canva / @reakouts6137 via Youtube
canva / @reakouts6137 via Youtube

What Happened In Mcdonald's Drive-Thru?

There are always two sides to a story, according to the Door Dash driver this is what happened.

"I went to McDonald's to pick up a Door Dash order. Once I arrived at the drive-thru speaker, I was greeted with a stern, “it’s gonna be a minute”. I said, 'okay, no problem.' When I got to the window, I was stared at. I said, 'hello'. She said, 'what?'. I asked her to please not be rude. She said, 'I can’t with this b****', slammed the window closed, and walked away, refusing to give me the order. I sat at the window for about five minutes. I finally said, 'can I please have the order.' She agreed to give it to me. I was cursed out, up and down, after she handed me the order. During the entire altercation, she and another employee did not have masks on."


We didn't hear from the McDonald's employee about what happened but I saw several comments on the video on what "really" happened.

One person said:

For everyone blaming the girl she is not in the wrong. The person recording is, a Mother and daughter went to her job (aka the people in the car) and the Mother proceeded to record her to embarrass the worker for working two jobs. Absolutely disgusting that a grown women would make a teenager feel bad about working two jobs I would have been pissed as well.



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