Every recording artist will remember their first gold record, but Disturbed's Dan Donegan has a somewhat humorous reason for remembering it. Sharing via the band's socials photos and videos from that special day, he notes that the band is holding a Don Henley plaque rather than one signifying sales for The Sickness album.

Despite the error, it's a day that Donegan still recalls as one of the favorite memories from the band's career. So how did this odd photo documenting the moment happen?

"This is the very end of our very first Ozzfest in 2000 and we were in California at the time and there's people from our record label and this is us receiving our very first gold record for The Sickness," says Donegan. "So from the beginning of that summer playing Ozzfest, we were one of the first bands to play at like 10 in the morning and then by the end of that tour, that two-month tour, we were selling so many records at that point, we sold 500,000 records by the end of summer there."

As for that photo shared in the video, the guitarist says, "I'll never forget when they presented with that record, they didn't have time to make the new plaques, so they gave us, I think that was a Don Henley record or something for the photo op because we didn't have it in time to be made for that photo op."

As it turns out, a gold record was just the beginning of a very successful career for the group. The Sickness, the band's debut album from 2000, has since gone on to be certified five times platinum by the RIAA. Other platinum certified albums include Believe (two times platinum) Ten Thousand Fists (two times platinum), Immortalized (platinum) and Indestructible (platinum).

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With a wealth of great music like that, Disturbed have plenty to choose from when it comes tour time. Be sure to catch them out on tour this summer, and get your tickets here.

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