Slayer fans who might have taken the weekend off from metal news awoke Monday (Feb. 26) to news of a message from Slayer bassist-vocalist Tom Araya's wife, Sandra Araya, that she said was "for the trolls."

It addresses the discussion around Slayer's imminent reunion at two festivals this fall. They will be the iconic metal band's first shows back since they concluded what was then called a "final" tour in 2019. The Slayer lineup will be the same as those 2019 shows.

In her new post, Sandra explained she played a part in getting Slayer back together, and she addressed detractors who might engage in "drama" about the upcoming Slayer concerts.

The message she posted doesn't appear to be publicly available, as Sandra's official Instagram profile is private. (It appears it may have now been removed.) However, over the weekend, what she said was widely disseminated across rock and metal media, including at ThePRP and BraveWords.

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"Let's clarify for the trolls," Sandra pointedly writes. "Tom was done with playing. I have harassed him for over a year. He agreed FINALLY."

She continues, "We shared that news with Slayer's awesome managers and they did the rest! So yes without Tom it wouldn't have happened.. without me BUGGING HIM it wouldn't have happened."

Sandra adds, "But go ahead with your drama! I however will be enjoying a few shows and I'm thankful he loves me and the fans enough to do this."

Slayer Wives' Statements

Sandra isn't the only wife of a Slayer member who's come out with a message for fans about the reunion. Last week, Slayer guitarist Gary Holt's wife, Lisa, also addressed Slayer fans, specifically naysayers who may be upset about the news.

In a public Facebook post, Lisa said, "To all the people saying 'they are liars,' 'they must have ran out of money,' 'it's not Slayer without so and so' .. I have an idea for you all... DON'T GO."

She addedd, "And for all the people who did go to the final tour dates and enjoyed it... awesome! This isn't a 'TOUR' it's some dates.. and GREAT NEWS! And everyone that thinks they know all the inside info.. you can't possibly know."

Only days before word of Slayer's reunion was made public, Slayer's Kerry King said he hadn't spoke to Tom since the band's 2019 tour.

What do you think about the messages from both wives? Will you catch the Slayer reunion this year?

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