Well, that didn't last long.

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After shutting down in 2021, the 28th St. Mega Mall reopened as a new B2 Outlet Bargain Bin Store in March of 2022.

The building underwent more than $300,000 in renovations, which included moving the restrooms, installing new flooring, and repainting.

B2 Outlets is owned by Father and son team Duane and Matt Smith, who opened the first  store in Hudsonville in 2013.

The concept for the Bargain Bin store on 28th St.  is that all the items sold would be in bins and the same price - as the week went on, the price dropped.

Janna, TSM
Janna, TSM

For example, prices start at $6 on Tuesday, then Wednesday prices are $4, Thursday prices are $2, and so on.

Well, the building at 350 28th St. SE will once again sit empty.

The owners shared news of the store's closure to Facebook, saying,

We are sad to be leaving 28th St. but you can still shop with us in Hudsonville! Stay tuned for when our other locations will be opening back up! We hope to see you soon!

According to the post, B2 Outlets in Muskegon, Mason, and Middleville will be opening up.

The other 28th Street store at 2035 28th Street SE is not mentioned in the post, but it appears to still be open.

So, what would like to see move into the building? Maybe a movie theater? Or something fun like laser tag or indoor golf?

If we hear a new business is moving into the space, we'll update you!

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