Here are rock and metal bands who either don't have a bassist or don't have a guitarist.

Of course, the traditional rock/metal band setup includes vocals, guitar, bass and drums. And, sometimes keyboard. Or sometimes without vocals! But rarely do you ever see an act that lacks guitar or bass entirely.

For the acts listed below, their reasons are all unique to them and the sound they're pursuing. Who needs guitar when you've got a black metal bands that swaps out the six-string for a hammered dulcimer? What's a hammered dulcimer? Learn more further below.

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As for those group who are sans bassist, it worked out quite fine for The White Stripes, didn't it? Even when limited to just filling space in the mix because some low end always feels good rumbling beneath a guitar, it's generally difficult to imagine recordings sounding complete and balanced without it. That's not the case with some of these bands!

Elsewhere, you'll see one group who only uses a drummer with the rest of the instrumentation being vocalized by multiple singers.

Whatever the case, restrictions tend to heighten creativity and push it to new areas, which is what makes this music so excited.

See the bands who have done just fine without a guitarist or without a bassist below.

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