The history of metal cover songs is a rich one, especially when metal bands venture outside their genre. These 10 cover songs are objectively ridiculous, but that doesn't mean they suck!

Ozzy Osbourne's career is filled with ridiculous moments, including covers that make no sense whatsoever. We wouldn't trade them for the world, however, especially the Prince of Darkness' cover of The Bee Gees' disco classic "Stayin' Alive." Ozzy didn't do the cover alone; the metal icon teamed up with Dweezil Zappa for the song, ensuring its weirdness would be of the highest order.

See our full list of ridiculous covers below.

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Some of these covers are ridiculous because they're completely unrecognizable. Japanese noise act The Gerogerigegege have hilariously butchered classics in the past, but none better than The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction." Though it sounds nothing like the original, The Gerogerigegege cover is still incredibly satisfying.

Did you know Blind Guardian covered The Beach Boys? Yep, the power metal legends recorded a rendition of "Barbara Ann" on their 1989 Follow the Blind album. If Barbara Ann was a princess locked in a castle rather than a gal on the sand, this is what that story would sound like.

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10 Ridiculous Metal Covers of Classic Songs

Here are 10 ridiculous metal cover versions of classic songs. In the list below, you can read about the original tune first, with each song entry followed by the info about its corresponding ridiculous metal cover. Are you ready? (Click on the listen links to hear any version.)

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