Obituary drummer Don Tardy is here to share his 10 favorite albums when he was a teenager.

When it comes to Obituary and its co-founding drummer, influence is something that is impossible to ignore, from their own personal inspirations to the inspiration they've had on countless others. The iconic Florida death metal brigade is among the most immediately recognizable acts — Don's brother Jon discharging CHUD-like vocals on every swampy, brick-laying track that goes heavy on groove and never dares to unleash a blast beat.

Fans can expect more of that patented style on Dying of Everything, Obituary's 11th full length album and successor to 2017's self-titled affair, with the singles "The Wrong Time," "Will to Live" and the title track serving as further evidence that more than 30 years removed from their influential Slowly We Rot debut, this band is still best in class.

And you can still hear Tardy's childhood influences, such as Black Sabbath and Dio drummer Vinny Appice's sense of restraint and power, as he delivers another kit-crushing performance on the latest record.

Hit play on "The Wrong Time" below and crank some new Obituary while scrolling through Don Tardy's 10 favorite albums when he was a teenager further down the page.

Dying of Everything is out on Jan. 13 on Relapse Records. Get your copy here and follow Obituary on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

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