It might be interesting to realize there are a handful of bands and artists who released a single that became their biggest hit, yet the single in question wasn't on any studio album by the act.

Do you know what those songs are?

A few could be easy to guess — others, not so much. But isn't it crazy to think that a band's biggest hit could be a standalone effort, and not part of any proper studio LP?

Okay, it isn't that crazy, but it is a feat. And several times, such a feat has seemed almost unintentional.

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But not always. Reaching back into the early days of British rock, it was par for the course for U.K. bands to release singles that weren't collected on a studio album. U.S. bands have done it, too.

See the list below. And be aware: It doesn't matter if the song was collected on a compilation, soundtrack or other non-album release. Because those aren't studio albums!

Dive in below to learn about some huge rock songs — tunes that were a band's biggest hit — that never made it onto a studio album proper. Under that, find a list of rock acts who deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame but aren't yet.

Non-Album Tracks That Became a Band's Biggest Hit

Yes, it's true — there have been times when a band's biggest hit single wasn't part of a traditional studio album release. It may have wound up on a compilation album or soundtrack, even as a bonus track, but it was never on a proper studio album. Here they are.

Bands That Deserve to Be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Below are nearly 50 rock and metal acts we feel deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame but aren't yet. Which ones do you agree with? And what artists would you add to the list?

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