Motley Crue have been discussing new music for a while, but it appears fans are not quite sure what to make out of Nikki Sixx's recent comments about the direction of the forthcoming music.

What Did Nikki Sixx Say About the Band's New Music?

In a tweet sent out on April 4, Sixx commented, "New Crüe coming up right around the corner. People who have heard it say it’s a powerful cross between country and hip hop."

The comment caused some confusion amongst fans weighing in on Sixx's description, with some questioning the timing (just a few days after April Fools) and others embracing the potential curveball in the band's musical style.

What Fans Are Saying About Nikki Sixx's Musical Tease?

As stated, there were some fans that leaned into the proximity of the message to April Fools Day. Others upped their meme game in response while also finding some humor in Sixx's description. And then there are those who downright seemed opposed to the musical evolution.

"April Fools was the other day Mr. Sixx," commented one fan. Others pulled from Breaking Bad for memes to express their confusion or dismay. And another fan noted, "Who is asking for that?" See some of the commentary below.

Motley Crue Fans Embrace the Change

While there were a number of fans that seemed either confused or put off by Nikki's "powerful cross between country and hip hop" description, others expressed that they were all in for what Motley had in store, or at least left themselves open to reserve judgment once it arrives.

"Yeehaw meets yo. Can’t wait for it, @NikkiSixx! I'm picturing cowboys in the hood, spurs jingling to a beatbox, and tractors with subwoofers. This ain't just a musical mash-up; it's an epic culture clash. Picture a rodeo bull wearing bling, doing the dougie," shared one fan.

"I can’t believe I can listen to Mötley Crüe’s country music…Let's hope it's powerful," added another fan. "Ha!! The Crüe reinventing themselves. I know I'm gonna love it," added one more person to the comments.

What Motley Crue Are Doing in 2024

Though nothing official has been announced as of yet, it sounds like Motley Crue are close to releasing new music, and fans are already buzzing about it on social media. So stay tuned.

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Fans will also be flocking to concert venues in another month, as Motley Crue will kick off their 2024 touring May 3 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. North American dates are currently booked through Oct. 13 and all Motley Crue concert tickets are currently on sale.

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