There's no stopping these super prolific rock bands who've been quite busy since the calendar turned to the 21st Century.

Simply put, breaks are overrated! There's a reason these musicians got into rock and they certainly love their time in the studio! It seems that it's a near 24-7 creative mode for most of these bands, even when they're out on the road at times. And that's what we're saluting here, as we bring you the Most Prolific Rock + Metal Artists of the 21st Century.

Though we're just starting the third decade of the 21st century, there are a number of acts that have already issued 10 or more albums since the start of 2001. And though it's a broad range of acts who've pulled off this feat, we should offer a nod of respect to the more extreme metal acts who heavily populate this list.

Some acts are especially prolific, with the leader on this list churning out 19 albums in 24 years, with their closest competitor at 17. Remember when we were worried about Weezer's future after Pinkerton? After that five year break, they became one of the most prolific acts of the 21st Century. And you can give props to Thrice as well, who took a five-year recording hiatus yet still managed to make this list.

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So who's been busy? Join us as we count down the most prolific rock and metal artists of the 21st Century below and on the other end of the scale, see the active rock and metal bands who haven't released a new album in five years in the gallery below that.

33 Most Prolific Rock + Metal Artists of the 21st Century (10 or More Albums)

Who needs a break?

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire

Active Bands That Haven't Released an Album in 5 Years

These bands haven't released an album in five years.

Gallery Credit: Lauryn Schaffner

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