Here are the 10 best clean singers in metalcore and, for a fun comparison, 10 of the subgenre's most notable acts who don't (or barely use) clean vocals!

When people think of metalcore, one of the first characteristics that comes to mind in the tradeoff of harsh and clean vocals, almost always utilizing an aggressive verse countered by a melodic, hook-driven chorus. That, or breakdowns.

Although this dynamic has come to define the style since the early 2000s and is still the mold many newer artists comfortably shape themselves with, it's not a be-all end-all trait. There are still a fair number of metalcore bands who don't bother with clean vocals at all and, if they dare do, it's exceedingly rare, usually coloring a mood rather than opting for the aforementioned cookie-cutter approach.

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Often times, these clean vocals are raw and lack traditional singing discipline and techniques, but it's the charm that overcomes any technical shortcomings. Over the years, a lot of metalcore vocalists have honed their clean singing chops, greatly improving upon what was once a shaky foundation. Others were just phenomenal right from the start (we're looking at you, Howard Jones).

So, whatever your preference of metalcore, you'll absolutely recognize all the names ahead, whether it's the best clean singers the subgenre has to offer or the bands who almost exclusively utilize harsh vocals!

10 Best Clean Singers in Metalcore

They clean up nice.

Gallery Credit: Jake Richardson

10 Metalcore Bands Who Don't (Or Barely) Use Cleaning Vocals

It's not what you usually think of when you think of metalcore, is it?

Gallery Credit: Jake Richardson

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