We all know about Metallica's infamous '90s haircuts, but before that took place, Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepulutra) agreed to shave his head in exchange for a copy of one of the band's classic albums back when he was a kid.

The band's influence on Cavalera's music over the years is undeniable and agreeing to part ways with his long hair makes it obvious just how vital Metallica were for him when growing up and taking in all the newest sounds developing in metal.

As a guest on the "Radioactive With Mike Z" podcast, Cavalera, whose latest releases came last year via Soulfly's Totem, recollected a deal he made with his cousin in order to secure that treasured Metallica record.

"I cut my hair for a Ride the Lightning copy when I was a kid in Brazil," he confesses, explaining, "I had a cousin that was trying to make me go to the straight and narrow. He was like, 'You've gotta cut that long hair. I'll give you whatever you want. I'll buy you an imported record.' And I was, like, 'The hair will grow back again.' So, I shaved it. I went [indecipherable]. I shaved my head."

And he's had no regrets about that moment, urging, "That copy of Ride The Lightning was worth it. It's a record that's worth shaving your hair for," going on to reiterate that he'd love to cover the title track one day.

Host Mike Z then quips about Cavalera's affinity for only using four strings on his guitar, wondering if he'd be able to properly play all the guitar parts.

Quick to reply with a solution, Cavalera says, "I actually have a second guitar player that can do those. I'll probably just do the 'stabs' and Mike DeLeon can do the [vocalizes part of riff]. It's a sick song. I love it, man. I love it. It's so heavy."

"Metallica rules. What can you say, man? It's a great band. I'm so happy that they're still going strong. The new track is killer, can't wait for the whole record," he enthuses, eagerly awaiting the April 14 release of 72 Seasons, just like the rest of us.

I had chance to play with them in Dallas with my brother. We did one of the Ozzfests and we got to do a Dimebag [Darrell] tribute with King Diamond. That was cool — that was a unique, cool moment in time. I actually got to jam in the Metallica jam room with King Diamond and Scott Ian and all those cats. Definitely a cool moment. It was one day only and Cavalera Conspiracy was on it. It was fun, it was a great day."

Fast forward to late 2020, and Max Cavalera underwent another notable haircut, parting ways with his mono-dreadlock, which he later acknowledged, "I feel like I've been liberated" due to how heavy it was prior to lopping it off.

Metallica will also be hitting the road hard this year and next — get your tickets here.

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