Halestorm are one of rock's better and more polished live acts, but that didn't just happen overnight. As the calendar has turned to 2024, Lzzy Hale has served up two videos from the band's early days that show them in a light where they are still getting their footing as a group (the lineup has even changed since then). But sharing the videos also serves a purpose, showing how far they've come and offering a lesson in persistence.

With the first video, Hale notes in her social media post that the video is "CRINGE from early years!" She's right. It's a commercial the group had made as they were hoping to pitch their performances to local news channels. Introducing herself as "Liz Hale," the singer is front and center with her bandmates gathered to her side and performance footage playing in the background. While the passion may come through in the delivery, the seasoning in front of the camera is not quite there yet.

At one point, the camera zooms in on Lzzy with a very young Arejay being the only visible member, flipping his drum stick in the air, catching it and pointing at the camera. A natural showman, even back then. "Let the storm blow you away," states Lzzy at one point, dropping her arms and then blowing a kiss to the screen before staring with a wicked smile at the screen maybe a second too long as the commercial closes.

Early Halestorm Tour Promotion Video

The second video comes a little later in their career, but still at least a decade before their big breakout. It features Hale leading the band at the 1999 Octoberfest, still a little nervous in her stage banter and mirroring the arms of a clock while performing the song "Time Man." She also notes in her social media post the presence of Arejay's homemade, upside down, drum kit. Obviously Lzzy Hale has come a long way in her presentation skills, even serving as a host for AXS-TV's A Year in Music.

Halestorm, "Time Man" from 1999 Octoberfest

So why share these videos? As Lzzy posts, "Lesson is that it's not about talent, connections or $$$! It's about having the balls to never give up."

This very human and humbling posting only seemed to ingratiate Hale more to her fans. "Not at all surprising that you've made it where you are now, not when you can see clearly in this video that the talent is there but so is the passion! This is amazing and adorable, I love it," wrote one fan. "That’s not cringy, THAT IS ADORABLE!," added another. A few more responses can be viewed below as well.

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Flash forward to 2024 and Halestorm have amassed five studio albums, a Grammy win and multiple nominations and have kept up one of the more relentless tour schedules over the last decade plus. After getting a break over the holidays, the road awaits them again in 2024. See where they're playing and get tickets here.

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