A Bring Me the Horizon fan was roasted on Reddit for thinking the band was Christian.

Last month, the band went viral after they posted a teaser that said, "If Jesus Christ returns, well just kill that fucker 2X." The comment created a lot of backlash from fans who were apparently surprised by the remark, while others pointed out that BMTH have always had anti-Christian themes in their music.

One person took to Reddit last night (May 7) and admitted that they avoided Bring Me the Horizon for over 15 years because they thought they were a religious band. It's unclear whether the group's controversial post from April made this individual realize they're not a Christian band.

Person Admits They Thought Bring Me the Horizon Was Religious

In a post titled, "...I thought Oli [Sykes] was Christian..." the fan explained their reasoning as to why they associated Bring Me the Horizon with religion, and made several edits backing up their standpoint.

"I feel like a fucking idiot," the post reads. "BMTH very well could have been my favorite band of all time had I known this."

Their edits to the post are listed below.

  • Seeing as this is getting way bigger than I expected. I need to add, I have listened to ALMOST everything BMTH has put out... But I always shelved it pretty quickly because of my assumption.
  • A lot of people are like, 'Who cares about personal beliefs.' Well back then a lot of metalcore Christian bands could be pretty preachy, I saw more than one band live back then that basically most of not all interludes were like 'come to Jesus' bullshit. I have very few genres of music I won't listen to but 'Christian Music' of any sort, goes straight out the fucking window.
  • Started listening to 'Sempiternal' omw into work this morning. I have heard a few choice songs off that album but, what really pisses me off I never heard 'Crooked Young'... Not even once... Where as I've definitely heard ['The House of Wolves'] at least a couple of times.

The person added that they first thought Bring Me the Horizon were Christian while listening to their sophomore album Suicide Season, and reiterated how foolish they feel over the false assumption.

Bring Me the Horizon, 'Crooked Young'

Fans Roast the Person For Assuming BMTH Were Religious

Though the author of the post was very adamant that they made a mistake in thinking BMTH were a Christian band, fans wasted no time teasing and making fun of them over it. Read some of the comments below.

  • Lol what gave you that idea though?! I can't imagine listening to their early stuff and gathering that they are religious. Not trying to be mean it's just funny because I know how anti-Christianity Oli is and what they've put in their music.
  • "Fuck your faith. The faceless won't save you, the clouds won't hear your fucking prayers". Supppperrr religious dude
  • So the 'Fuck your god" thing didn't give it away?
  • I’m really high but this post is fucking KILLING ME
  • I wake up thankful i’m not this dense or closed minded. Couldn’t imagine being this way & I'm pretty screwed up.

The Reddit user who wrote the post responded to quite a few of the comments, so you can read the full discussion here.

Oli Sykes' Thoughts on Religion Have Changed Over the Years

In a video interview from 2013, the Bring Me the Horizon singer said he'd always considered himself atheist. He recalled that part of a treatment program he'd attended suggested turning to religion, which he didn't agree with.

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"I just didn't understand that, and it made me really angry and kind of made me really sad as well, because I just don't think placing your hopes in something that clearly doesn't exist... I wanted to get better for myself... Not for this faceless god," the vocalist said at the time.

In 2021, however, Sykes told The Sun that he had a bit of a spiritual awakening after staying on an ashram in rural Brazil with his wife.

"I almost felt bad because I thought, if the main guru knew some of the songs I sing about God, would they want me here? I spoke to the guru and I voiced these concerns. I said to him, 'I really like your principles and the way you look at stuff. They believe you’re serving God, so whatever comes your way will happen, you should just be happy and blessed by it and not always wanting more.'

"I said, 'I really like that concept and I could use that in my life to be happier. It’s the organized system of religion I have a problem with, the way it divides people," he continued. "But now on a spiritual level I think it’s really important to believe in something higher and bigger than yourself.”

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