Here are 10 times that rock and metal bands lied to their fans.

Because whether it was part of a hoax that was meant to be a joke, or perhaps something more delusional or nefarious, there are actually instances when a band has publicly lied.

Yes, it's happened enough that we could actually make a whole list out of it.

Has your favorite band ever lied to you?

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It's not something that gets exposed in rock and metal very often, but it does happen. Then again, there are surely white lies floating around us all the time that we may not know about. Or lies made by omission. Such is the magic and mystery of truth and fiction. After all, we're all human — and that includes people in bands.

Why Would a Band Lie to Fans?

There are many reasons a band might lie, and they're often the same reasons any individual may lie to another — to keep something secret, or conceal some hidden knowledge.

Or maybe as part of a stunt that wasn't fully revealed until the other shoe dropped.

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Keep reading below to see the times bands lied to their fans.

10 Times Bands Lied to Fans

Here are 10 times that bands actually lied to their fans, whether as part of a hoax or something else entirely.

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